Investment Advisory

    TCA is unique in several areas. While we focus on sell-side advisory for privately held companies mainly throughout the southeast, we are also highly engaged in working with institutional investors, private equity groups, family offices, and HNWI’s to strategically acquire assets. We have worked with some of the top names in the industry looking to roll up existing target businesses into a diversified portfolio fund or single investment platform. We have engaged in strategic “off market” transactions with buyer clients on a deal by deal basis. One of our unique niches in the M&A space is when the real estate is owned by the business (or related entity) it occupies.

    While most M&A firms are only versed on the business side, we are well versed are highly qualified in creating added value for the seller when the real estate is involved. This includes sale/leaseback arrangements, long-term lease renegotiations, and sell of the real estate to REIT’s or HNWI’s when the business acquirer is not interested in acquiring the real estate.

    Our investment advisory services at TCA extends beyond the client business transaction. We work and sydicate our own business and commercial real estate portfolios (through our own funds and entities) working internally with private buyers, institutions, and HNWI’s looking to place capital for higher returns in tangible commercial real estate and business assets throughout the southeastern US. If real estate is involved, our subsidiary company SperryCGA-Griffin Partners is part of Sperry Global a network of top commercial real estate brokers with 60+ offices throughout the US and abroad. 

Deal Syndication

From an investor’s perspective, we are also involved in the syndication of business and commercial real estate deals working with investor partners looking to place equity under the right partnership and for the greatest returns. We act as a Single sponsor to seek out unique business and commercial real estate activities with value add, capital preservation, and partner preferred returns as top priority. We provide equity and capital solutions for our syndicated deals by pooling together partners with the same investment philosophies.

Corporate/Institutional Commercial Real Estate

One of the most unique advantages of Topsail Capital is our experience not only in business/ M&A, but also commercial real estate (CRE) investment brokerage. Our team of experienced CRE investment brokers work with buyers and sellers of all classes and portfolio types to ensure the right acquisition or exit timing and we analyze every deal for maximum internal rates of returns, cash on cash returns, and equity yields. Our collaboration with Sperry Commercial Global, through our subsidiary company Griffin Partners, ensures top priority and placement amongst seasoned investors.

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